Year in Review – 2016

Year in Review – 2016

This was another great year at IC3D Media. It’s time to look back on all that we accomplished this year. Our year in review will go through all the highlights month-by-month of projects, and office shenanigans!

January – The new corporate identity

We started 2016 off with a new corporate identity! New logo, new colors, and as a result, new swag. January was the month everyone decorated and changed their email signatures.


New year, new us!

February – Keeping the world safe: one office at a time

February was a great month for collaboration. Together with the global security powerhouse G4S, we developed a deeply engaging training course to help companies teach their employees general office safety.


March – Imagining the Center of Innovation with Circular Valley

As passionate innovators ourselves, it’s always exciting to help other organizations who share that passion with us. This year one of our favorite projects was helping the team behind concepting Circular World, a center for innovation and co-creation, visualize their ideas.

The result was an immersive, 360-degree walkthrough of the center when it’s finally built.

April – The project that revealed how many How I Met your Mother fans work here

In the Spring, the phrase “boats, boats, boats” was thrown around a lot as we developed an application which designed… well, boats.


Dubbed the Damen Ship Configurator, IC3D Media worked with Damen Shipyards to help them develop an easy-to-use application to shorten the amount of time needed in the design and ordering phase. A process that used to take up to 6 months and a lot of brain power was simplified to 1 month! Configuring boats, boats, boats is just a few finger taps away.

May – Even more boats!

Spring 2016 was truly the season of boats here at IC3D Media. Following the Damen Ship Configurator, we created the Heerema Experience. We worked with Heerema Marine Contractors to develop an application which reveals the history, goals, and accomplishments of the group. It was showed off at the Offshore Technology conference in Houston this year. Click here to read more about the conference and the project!

June – IC3D Media love PokemonGO

When PokemonGO (finally) was available in European app stores, it was so on. Collectively we all agreed to join team Valor and with a little bit of cheating determination we dominated the nearby gyms. Well, at least for a little bit.

At a certain point, we had to ban playing the app in the lunchroom. It was the only way to get people talking at lunch again! Take that app to the park!

July – The Month of Events!

While many of us were unable to fully utilize the “Go” part of PokemonGO, our sales team took the show on the road! July was the month of events for IC3D Media, and for the most social media activity. Every week we had two or three events, and we were able to spread the ideas and get people thinking outside-the-box one conference at a time.

August – Making Fire Safety EASI!

We ended the summer developing a platform for fire prevention and safety. As requested by the DITSS, our region in the Netherlands faces a serious issue. Obviously firefighting is a dangerous job, and it’s especially dangerous because respondents seldom now what they’re really up against until they arrive on the scene.

The EASI platform makes it easy (I unashamedly love this pun!) for firefighters and respondents to prepare before arriving on scene. Read more about the work we did on this project.

September – Matrix Reloaded: The Military’s CIO Symposium

Another year, another technology convention. For the second year, IC3D Media helped make the UK’s Ministry of Defense’s CIO Symposium something amazing to attend. We really wanted to outdo our work from last year by creating 3 individually amazing experiences. We had to overcome some hurdles to reach our own high standards, and it wasn’t easy.

Get the whole story here.

October – Training for CyberAwareness

CyberCheck is a training scenario for office workers to instill “cyber awareness.” We developed this scenario last year with G4S. But this year, we got the system ready for other major cyber-reliant organizations.

November – What’s wrong with learning, and how we can fix it

IC3D Media’s CEO, Loren Roosendaal, was invited to give a TED talk about his vision for the future of learning and training in organizations.

The title of his talk says exactly what it’s about: there is so much fundamentally wrong with the way we learn, much more than many may realize. The talk is really an eye opener, but also a bit frustrating to hear of how wrong you’ve probably been learning.

Loren’s vision is what conceived the learning app Knowingo, which he created to combat these issues. Read more about Knowingo on its website and blog.

December – Why it’s great to work in Holland

Sinterklaas is a saint who travels from Spain every December 5th to deliver goodies to good children take the naughty children back with him. Adults can celebrate this tradition too, since Sinterklaas is also known to deliver gifts to good offices!

And he did so at IC3D Media! We divided up the gifts with a game, and in the end we all went home with some great stuff.

Now what’s in store for IC3D Media in 2017?

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