ResQtec and IC3D Media launch Urban Search and Rescue

ResQtec and IC3D Media launch Urban Search and Rescue

It is a common tragedy that often, some of the casualties in the aftermath of natural disasters are rescue workers. Whilst most other people (rightly) try to avoid dangerous areas, rescuers are tasked to enter them as quickly as possible.

As rescue workers know all too well, the sooner victims are saved from the rubble of a collapsed building, the greater their chance
of survival. However, this eagerness can put further lives at risk. In the shocking September 11 attacks in New York, of the 2.997 people that lost their lives, 414 were rescue workers and members of the emergency services.

ResQtec sets out to change this situation

ResQtec has over 4 decades worth of experience in supporting rescue workers around the world. They strive not only to provide rescuers with the best tools, but also with the right knowledge to ensure that accidents do not add to the already devastating toll of disasters.
Unstable buildings are precarious environments; the slightest touch could bring down tons of rubble, endangering the lives of others.
It was for this reason that ResQtec reached out to IC3D Media. They challenged IC3D Media to come up with a virtual urban search and rescue course. The aim of the course would be to prepare rescuers for the implications of entering collapsed or semi-collapsed structures and how to best look after themselves, in order to save others.

IC3D Media did not shy away; the importance and necessity of such a tool was apparent to everyone and within only 3 months, a team lead by Egi Cuijten had delivered the finished article. The full 10 lesson training course highly impressed ResQtec, especially Wyono from ResQtec Indonesia, who was quoted saying: “This is the best Urban Search and Rescue training that I have seen so far.”

Indonesian government will train thousands of rescue workers

Due to the great reception the Urban Search and Rescue training course received, in 2015 the Indonesian government committed to put the program into practice with thousands of rescue workers.
The people that decide to volunteer for such dangerous missions already have more courage than most, and luckily also have innovative equipment to help limit the destructive power of nature or other, more sinister disasters.

Now, with the training course developed by IC3D Media, they will become some of the best trained and prepared emergency rescue workers in the world.

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