A new interactive training method

A new interactive training method

InterACT demo unveiled in The Hague, the Netherlands

For the past few years the Dutch government has supported different simulation projects that can help to promote safety in the Netherlands. One of which is InterACT. On may 22nd, a special event was hosted at the Bilderberg Hotel, the Hague, to showcase the results of these innovative projects. In a packed conference room, we unveiled the first live InterACT demo, a first trainingmodule designed to show the audience how InterACT can revolutionize the way police and safety professionals are trained.

True-to-life scenario’s and a new interactive training method

A police officer is confronted with a stabbing incident in the streets of Rotterdam. The victim is quickly helped by first-aid personnel, while the police officer interrogates suspects and bystanders. Crucial evidence is found. When the suspect suddenly tries to escape the police officer manages to subdue and arrest him… All the while, the trainee has full interactive control over the situation, and his decisions determine the outcome of the incident. “By introducing true-to-life scenario’s and a new interactive training method for split-second decision making, InterACT takes virtual training to a whole new level.” explains Lennart Roosendaal. “InterACT training is ideal for training for up-close situations, for police officers, conductors, stewards and all kinds of emergency personnel.”

To learn more about InterACT, contact us at contact@interact360.com.

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