Tilburg Safety Award

Tilburg Safety Award

We have exciting news! Last tuesday, IC3D Media and VCS’s project “Samen Sterk en Veilig” (Strong and Safe Together) was chosen as one of the three winners of the Uitvraag Veilig Tilburg (Call for Safety Tilburg). In this project, IC3D Media proposes a highly innovative way to provide greater security and create stronger communities in business parks in the city of Tilburg. Using shared information, camera-viewing, social networks and 3D graphics, IC3D Media and VCS proposed a brand new solution.

A tailor-made app

The solution is a tailor-made app for maintaining safety, communication and sharing information in a business park. Loren Roosendaal, CEO of IC3D Media explains the three core functions of their application. “First, anyone who works in or for the business park can quickly find relevant security data, information about previous thefts and contact information for other enterprises. Second, the app is a community hub that allows people in a business park to communicate with one another, which allows them to share ideas, concerns and warnings if they are afraid something is going on. Third, the system keeps track of relevant data for park owners, like accumulated sales figures, vacant buildings and overall camera coverage.” By joining these unique features, IC3D Media and VCS intend to create a powerful solution for communication and preventing crime in business parks in the Netherlands.

This brand new application will be developed based on funds from the Call for Safety Tilburg, and is scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2014. If you would like to learn more about the “Samen Sterk en Veilig” project, feel free to contact us at safety@ic3dmedia.com

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