IC3D Media attends Ministry of Defense’s TEDx event!

IC3D Media attends Ministry of Defense’s TEDx event!

On the 15th of April 2014, The Dutch Ministry of Defense organized its first TEDx event. TED events inspire people around the world with new ideas and thought-leaders in the areas of technology, entertainment and design. At this TEDx event, the focus was on the Dutch Military and the crucial role of leadership, creativity, culture, social and cyber skills in the army. Over 500 visitors attended the event at the Royal Military Academy in Breda.

Early prototype of Cultura training presented on TEDx event

IC3D Media was invited to present an early prototype of Cultura training software at the event. Cultura is training software that IC3D Media is developing for the Dutch Ministry of Defense. The goal is to train military troops for many cultural scenario’s that they will encounter on their missions. With impressive footage and a live demonstration, the TEDx audience was astonished to see a broad range of cultural expressions which were simulated in fine detail with Cultura…

Inspiring TEDx programme

The TEDx programme was packed with inspiring speakers and other demonstrations. Different military experts emphasized the tremendous importance of cultural knowledge and soft skills. There were also soldiers who shared their most frightening moments from the war in Afghanistan. The audience became utterly silent when they heard how one soldiers became involved in a shooting and got severely injured in both legs. When given the choice to recover safely at home or to stay in Afghanistan, he decided that he would stay to be closest to the men and women that helped him in his time of need.

At the end of the day, the TEDx audience returned home impressed with personal stories, impressive demonstrations and an open-minded view about the role of Defense and the Dutch Military in today’s changing world.

See what the Ministry of Defense told about this TEDx event.

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