Second Annual Inspiration Day: 2015

Second Annual Inspiration Day: 2015

The second annual Inspiration Day went off without a hitch! On September 24th, 2015, IC3D Media hosted another inspiring event launching our newest projects: Knowingo and G4S Health and Safety!

Another IC3D Media Inspiration Day came and went with huge success! We welcomed 50 guests to join us for a really exciting day. On this Inspiration Day, along with the usual activities that take place during this event, we were proud to announce to the world our work on two projects.

The Fun Way to get your Organization Learning

The newest IC3D Media product since the InterACT platform launched during last year’s Inspiration Day is the fun way to get your organization learning… Knowingo!

Knowingo is a mobile learning app that gamifies an organization’s tired, but essential to know, information to keep learning fun and motivating. On the backend, Knowingo is able to keep track of how each individual user is progressing in their learning journey, and translate that information into easily read graphs and charts to make reporting a breeze.

But this is only the beginning. The Knowingo road map of development shows some really cool features on the horizon. Features that will make us wonder why traditional learning and developments were ever considered effective in the first place.

Taking Office Safety to the Next Level

Inspiration Day 2015 kicked off with an exciting launch of our collaboration with G4S, the world’s largest security company. The result of our collaboration was a brand new set of scenarios for the InterACT player: Office Health and Safety.

Health and Safety walks the player through a typical office setting, while the player is to point out everything they see that is unsafe. Some hazards are more obvious, like exposed wires or smoking outlets. Others are not so obvious and will probably take a few tries to notice!

What’s in Store Next Year?

We plan to keep a strong run on these Inspiration Days, and we’re sure the third one will be even better! Next year, we want to invite even more guests and have even more exciting developments to share with the world.

Until then!

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