Nuclear Summit

Nuclear Summit

On the 24th and 25th of March the Hague is the focal point of world affairs.  World leaders from all over the world come to this summit in the Hague to discuss nuclear safety. In addition to this summit, the Hague Security Delta also organized the NSS – Innovation Room. At this expo, Dutch and foreign visitors and delegations got invited to see the best innovations the Netherlands has to offer for safety and security.

IC3D Media presents InterACT

IC3D Media was asked to present its state-of-the-art InterACT technology. InterACT is virtual training software that enables police-officers, service employees and other professionals to train for verbal agression and safety. With the latest techniques from the games industry and motion-capture all kinds of interpersonal conflicts are brought to life. It’s even possible to simulate body language and facial expressions. With these innovations, InterACT already won the Accenture Innovation Award and the New Venture Grand prize…

So far, visitors were impressed with the new possibilities that InterACT offers for safety and training. For IC3D Media it’s a wonderful opportunity and an honor to be amongst this small group of  safety solutions at the NSS Innovation Room, that show how technology can contribute to a safer world.

Learn more about the NSS Innovation Room > Link
Learn more about InterACT > Link

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