Introducing… Knowingo!

Introducing… Knowingo!

The fun way to get your organization learning has arrived! The newest product of IC3D Media was introduced to the world at our 2015 Inspiration Day.

Our answer to the turbulent troubles and out-of-date practices that exist in corporate learning today was introduced to the world September 24th, 2015. Knowingo is a mobile learning platform that infuses fun with learning by making a game of it!

The Challenge

With corporate learning today, people are consistently flooded with endless materials, information, documents, e-learning modules, e-mails, presentations, et cetera, et cetera… nobody really cares about any of it! Our statistic which shows that only about 20% of employees from an organization are actually engaged with their work sort of proves this.

But no matter what your job, there’s always a lot of information you need to take in, but traditional learning methods just aren’t cutting it. What are the options? Sitting at a computer and clicking the “next” button through all the pages of an e-learning module until it’s over? Lectures in a classroom-like setting? No matter what you choose, you’re wasting valuable work-time while information is being shoved in your face, and statistics show that after a month you’ll probably only remember 10% of this information anyway.

It’s 2016, people. If we can make a digital copy of another person and have them talk to each other on stage, we should be able to make this process of corporate learning way more effective and interesting.

Gaming in Learning

People learn better when they’re intrinsically motivated, because that means they actually want to learn. Games are created primarily with the purpose of intrinsically motivated the player to do well. Sounds like a solution! Well, that’s what we thought with Knowingo.

Knowingo plays like a trivia app, where the trivia questions contain information about whatever it is you need to learn. Product information, company policies, company history, compliance training… It’s all possible. There are quests and challenges associated with the trivia to add an extra layer of fun, and to keep the game interesting. These quests and challenges pop up at regular intervals to make sure that you are never overloaded with too much information at one time.

So, that’s the front end of it, fairly simple. But what makes Knowingo so interesting is it was developed, and what it offers HR departments.

A Smart Learning System

What makes Knowingo a “smart” learning system is that it learns about how you learn as you learn! Because everyone learns differently, it makes sense that their learning program fit the way that they learn. So if you learn much quicker than the average-joe, you’ll be introduced to more content, faster, and questions that you already know the answer to won’t be asked as much. Likewise, if it takes you a little longer to remember which year your current CEO took office, then you’ll be asked that question more until you’ve got it down!

This little app comes with a huge amount of statistics that can be defined down to each individual or group so the HR department can keep careful track of how everybody is learning. With these stats, Knowingo enables the HR team at your company to come up with learning strategies to keep learning in your organization in sync!

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