Documate, an intelligent search system

Documate, an intelligent search system

IC3D Media presents new vision for information search in the maintenance industry.

On the 27th of March, IC3D Media presented Documate at the HOTT master class of PDM at the Castle of Rhoon in the Netherlands. Documate is a mobile software solution (in development) that helps mechanics and other maintenance professionals to quickly find relevant documents in large databases, from any location. The maintenance industry is urgently looking for new systems that make searching for documents more efficient. Documate’s smart and simple search system offers the perfect solution to this challenge.

Why Documate?

Joris Wondergem, Innovation Consultant at IC3D Media, presented the concept to dozens of professionals from the maintenance Industry. Wondergem came up with Documate after witnessing first-hand how countless mechanics in power plants, were forced to waste valuable time every day on searching and printing documents the old-fashioned way. Finding one document in a database, which often contains millions of documents, can be horrible experience: like finding a needle in a haystack.

More than just a search system

Wondergem explains “Documate can change this: it’s an intelligent search system that finds that specific documents for you in a heartbeat. But it’s more than just a search system. Documate will be developed for mobile devices such as tablets and the latest smartphones. With its highly intuitive user interface, users can easily browse through various documents types. It even understands your documents at a meta-level, this means that it can even recommend documents that you are likely to need for your tasks. Or as Wondergem puts it: “Imagine introducing Amazon like intelligent recommendation algorithms for finding documentation in the maintenance industry. That’s Documate.”

Learn more

From upper management to mechanics on the work floor, the concept behind Documate was received with great enthusiasm by several energy producers in the Netherlands. To learn more about Documate or keep an eye on it’s development, be sure to look at the Documate project page. If you are interested in documate or other mobile solutions feel free to contact us.

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