Innovation Award

Innovation Award

InterACT wins prestigious award at the Accenture Innovation Awards

Two in a row! Just months after winning the New Venture Grand prize, InterACT has now been crowned as one of the best innovations of 2012 at the Accenture Innovation Awards. The award ceremony in Amsterdam was attended by thousands of visitors who were eager to find out which innovations would receive the much-coveted blue tulip awards. This year, InterACT was nominated (from over 250 entries) and went on to win the grand prize for Health and Public Services.

InterACT is training software that can revolutionize how training is done in organizations everywhere: in safety, operations, service and in training for countless other skills. Based on the latest in game technologies, InterACT makes true-to-life, interactive training possible for almost any field. It’s interactive training method is up to 5 times more effective than video-instruction and learning from textbooks. It’s also the first training software to offer near photo-realistic animations and scenario’s.

At the Accenture Innovation Awards, the jury was surprised to find how an international team from the games industry, was able to deliver such an effective solution for training so many different industries. IC3D Media’s founder Loren Roosendaal accepted the award on behalf of his team: “The entire IC3D Media team has worked incredibly hard to make InterACT possible over the last year and we are thrilled to receive this prestigious award.”

If you would like to learn more about InterACT, be sure to browse through the project page and case-studies. In our first InterACT inside study, you can read how InterACT is now being designed to help train and prepare Dutch Police officers for different situations. If you would like to know how InterACT can help change training in your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact one of our simulation consultants!

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