IC3D Returns to the UK Ministry of Defence’s CIO Symposium

IC3D Returns to the UK Ministry of Defence’s CIO Symposium

For the second consecutive year, IC3D Media gives the UK Ministry of Defence’s Symposium the Hollywood treatment! This time around, we’re determined to top last year’s symposium!

In a world of big data, analytics, and other developments, the ministry of defence is confronted with new challenges and new capabilities. The British ministry of defence’s CIO Symposium, lead by CIO Mike Stone, showed the MoD as well as a host of international delegates what new capabilities and technologies could be used to disrupt the old-fashioned way of working at the MoD.

How better to disrupt the old-fashioned way of working than by disrupting how conference presentations are done?

This year, we gave the CIO symposium the ultimate Hollywood treatment… Starting with a sequel performance from digital Mike Stone. If you don’t remember him from last year, click here to read about it.

Let’s get visual

“If we want to create the future, we have to imagine it,” said Ministry of Defence CIO, Mike Stone, and this was a message we really ran with when it came to properly visualizing the topics that would be covered in the symposium. After all, in a conference about the capabilities and necessity of innovative technology in the future, showing is usually stronger than telling.

So, we created a virtual “Command Center of the Future” complete with a holograph-displaying table and a full team of virtual Defence information employees. With the holotable, we could impressively show-off some of topics Stone discussed, including a submarine, the biologic data for soldiers, and even the city of London!



The Hollywood Experience

Our digital avatar of Mike Stone, who will now be referred to as DigiMike made a ‘surprising’ appearance by interrupting Mr. Stone’s opening speech. Donning a pair of Matrix-like sunglasses, DigiMike temporarily took over the CIO symposium by challenging his organic counterpart’s ability to run a symposium… and overall intelligence.


After some banter between the Mikes, DigiMike calls for back up, summoning a veritable swarm of virtual Stone-clones that threaten to wreak havoc on the symposium. As digital clones always tend to get a bit violent (and we were expecting some misbehavior, considering last year’s debacle), we had the foresight to install a self-destruct button which definitely came in handy when things got a bit out-of-hand.


If it’s not broke, don’t fix it

Since the elements of Stone’s speech were going to prevail throughout the symposium, it’s important that these components really stick with the audience. We thought that the CIO symposium really needed a little extra element of fun… What if we could introduce some gaming aspect to the symposium? Maybe a game where the conference attendees have to GO explore the symposium and find some of these speech elements? And if the attendee were to CATCH ‘EM ALL, they could be the symposium MASTER and win a prize?

And what with DigiMike’s minor obsession about running the symposium, we had the perfect job for him!


In our totally originally named mobile app, AvatarGO, conference attendees explored every nook and cranny of the symposium, searching for bits of data and more detailed information from Stone’s speech given by DigiMike.

Of the 200 people who played, we had over 150 actually find everything! Of that pool, 5 people were randomly chosen to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 4!

How did we accomplish this?

Giving conferences the “Hollywood” treatment is really an extravagant feat, but no problem! Giving conferences the full “Hollywood” treatment three weeks before the conference is supposed to take place? Some problems are bound to arise. And they did.

We worked with a cross disciplinary, international team made up of 3D modelers, animators, programmers, designers, and interaction specialists (not to mention the symposium’s internationally-located production company). Together, we were able achieve this massive workload and produce each of these three experiences in parallel.

Looking Back on the CIO Symposium

Overall, the symposium was a huge hit, and we couldn’t be prouder of what we contributed. With all these experiences, we were able to achieve a level of engagement with the audience which was unprecedented for a conference.

Most importantly, when all was said and done, the audience had soaked in the messages of all speakers calling for disruption. Not only did they hear inspiring words challenging them to think differently, but every single one of them who left the symposium had a clear visual picture of what the Ministry of Defence could look like thanks to their hard work and efforts.

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