IC3D Media’s Digital General Middendorp opens the Future Force Conference

IC3D Media’s Digital General Middendorp opens the Future Force Conference

On March 23rd the Netherlands hosted one of the largest international military conferences in the history of our country: The Future Force Conference 2015. IC3D Media created an inspiring  opening sequence with a fully digitized Avatar of the Chief of Defense, General Tom Middendorp.

“The world can change in an instant. But if we knew what the future would look like, we would never repeat the mistakes of the past”. The Digital Tom Middendorp referred to a possible future where Europe faces a dark military scenario and Defense is caught off-guard after years of downsizing.

How we designed the digital avatar

The impressive Avatar was designed by IC3D Media’s international team in just one month. Chief Of Defense General Middendorp paid a visit to IC3D Media’s headquarters in Breda for the motion capture session. Lennart Roosendaal, the head of this project, explains: “Creating the Digital General Middendorp was possible by combining new technologies. Using Facial Motion capture technology, we analyzed the key expressions of General Middendorp. We created a 5 million polygon sculpt, the geometry that captures Middendorp’s characteristic features. We then carefully directed his animations to ensure that they matched the way that our Chief of Defense moves and expresses himself. “

Digital avatar symbolizes changes

The Avatar also symbolizes the changing nature of conflicts in a world where cyber is an increasingly important domain for defense. On the second day of the conference, the host revealed that similar technologies were used in IC3D Media’s groundbreaking Cultura training. A trailer revealed how the Dutch army can use this innovation to train thousands of soldiers for all kinds soft and cultural skills.
Just like cyberconflicts, training is increasingly moving into the virtual world.

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