IC3D Media wins EASI ‘Critical Substance’ Proposal

IC3D Media wins EASI ‘Critical Substance’ Proposal

We were recently approached by the organization of the Veiligheidsregio Midden-West Brabant (the region of Holland containing Breda, Tilburg, and Bergen op Zoom, colloquially known as the VRMWB) to answer a proposal request by the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety and Security (DITSS).

The task is simple, but crucial to the safety of businesses. The physical safety. Safety against fire.

Safety against fire

The VRMWB was looking for a web platform with information on critical substances that might be present in businesses. The idea is that in the unfortunate event of a fire or accident, emergency responders need to know what they’re up against. By keeping an in-depth database of all the potentially hazardous materials, responders to a fire will have a better idea of what caused the fire and what kind of fire they can expect, which will allow them to make more informed decisions on how to extinguish or contain the fire.

So, the idea is relatively straight-forward, but that doesn’t detract from the importance. The Netherlands, much like many other European countries, tends to construct their cities and towns by cramming as many buildings as possible right next to each other. So, if one of those buildings catches the whole block can go up in smoke. Not great. It’s crucial that the responders to these fires have all the tools and information possibly available so they can keep the region safe!

EASI, web portal for critical substances

Our solution: Easily Accessible Substance Information, or EASI, web portal for critical substances. A web portal which provides a clear overview of actual critical substances in case of an emergency. Participating companies in the region upload their building’s floor plan and what substances are stored where, and by how much.

On the other side, responders use the portal to search for the business where the fire is occurring, and see all the information the businesses uploaded! They can use the floor plan to devise a path into the building (if necessary) and with the substance information they’ll know exactly what they’re up against.


Next to every company’s floor plan, there’s a panel with information about the quantity of the substances, as well as chemical information about each kind of substance… there’s even some advice for the firemen!


(It looks something like this)

Needless to say, our idea was a huge hit, and we won the deal! We are all so excited to be contributing towards such an important project. Soon, we will roll-out the platform together with the first – enthusiastic – companies, and we’re working closely with the firefighters to help them achieve their goals. The web portal is growing every day in this region, and in 5 years, EASI hopes to have a database extending over the rest of the Netherlands.

In the meanwhile, we’re continually improving the portal to make it easier for companies to upload their information, and more effective for the responders! Together we can make it EASI!

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