IC3D Media welcomes inspiration: The first of series

IC3D Media welcomes inspiration: The first of series

On October the 16th, IC3D Media welcomed over 50 guests to what was to become the inaugural Inspiration Day 2014. Guests were invited from a wide range of fields and sectors, with the aim of witnessing and discovering IC3D Media’s newest developments in the areas of simulation, virtual training and serious gaming.

The day began with an inspirational speech from Loren Roosendaal, CEO of IC3D Media, in which he highlighted what could be learned from the user friendliness and the visual power of modern game technology.

The sheer complication that surrounds current (store-bought) applications quite clearly disturbs Loren; he wants to move away from instructions that baffle even the most qualified industrial designer and into a direction seen in game technology, where the rule of thumb dictates that all should become apparent within the first 10 seconds, otherwise there is a design flaw.

From the security sector to your supermarket

Inspiration Day moved on to 3 showcases, displaying 3 very different ways in which IC3D Media has adapted game technology to suit the needs of the Ministry of Defense, Damen shipyards and the supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

Geert Verheij, Design & Proposal Engineer for Damen shipyards, explained how the Damen Ship Configurator saves many man-hours in the pre-design process by giving the client a clear visualization of what their vessel will look like even before actually going to the drawing board.

In the third part of the day, the participants were challenged to take part in an ‘innovation game’; the purpose was to spark new ideas and solutions for which interactive visualisations could be used to benefit their organizations.

The first of many

Inspiration Day 2014 was a tremendous success, with much praise for IC3D Media: “You can tell that you are open to everybody, you love your profession which brings a great atmosphere to this day“.

As a result, preparations are already on the way for Inspiration Day 2015.

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