IC3D Media and CODEMO: The game plan for MoD

IC3D Media and CODEMO: The game plan for MoD

CODEMO is the Committee on Defense Material Development for the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands. In July 2014, IC3D Media and CODEMO signed a contract for the development of a cultural training platform which will prepare personnel for overseas deployments, using game technology.

With recent operations in Mali and Afghanistan, the MoD has identified the need to culturally train troops and personnel for the often vastly different surroundings in which they are asked to operate. Developing ‘soft skills’ to allow them to interact with the local population in a positive manner can make all the difference when it comes to the success of a mission.


IC3D Media developed the aptly named training software, Cultura. This innovative application harnesses the power of game technology and combines it with techniques first seen in the Hollywood film industry. Cultura has since the very beginning captivated its audience, not only for its training purposes; in 2013 it was named as one of the top 3 innovations at the International Defence Contest.


CODEMO was brought to life with the main aim to help SMEs in the Netherlands fully develop innovations for defence. Very stringent entry requirements have to be met to be considered for such investment, which in turn provide royalties that are channelled back into the budget for investment in future projects.

The signing of the contract between CODEMO and IC3D Media was overseen by General Doomen, from the MoD. This contract signifies the impact of game technology in today’s training environments. CODEMO commits to provide 50% of the investment for the Cultura project, to ensure that the full capabilities are exploited which will lead to highly adaptable and culturally trained personnel, ready to deploy anywhere in the world.

Game technology and facial motion capture

The merger between game technology and facial motion capture, more often seen in Hollywood, was specifically designed by IC3D Media to bring a sense of reality into the training. Human communication is based on many different factors, not only speech but also facial expressions and body language. For the first time, we are able to replicate accurately cultural differences in a virtual world and then bring it to life in real world situations.

The importance of having personnel and troops accustomed to their surroundings, so as to allow them to carry out their primary roles without worry or hindrance is paramount to the MoD. Now IC3D Media can offer the best cultural training imaginable before deployment. With the partnership of CODEMO, the innovation that is Cultura changes the game for the MoD.

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