Heerema Games

Heerema Games

On the 20th of September, Heerema Marine Contractors christened its new vessel Aegir in the Rotterdam Calandkanaal. At the event, over 1500 people were able to tour the vessel and learn about the “Heerema Experience” in large festive tents that were set up to celebrate the occasion.

IC3D Media created three unique promotional games for Heerema for this event: The Heerema Skill Games. IC3D Media’s international team was able to design and deliver these three compact games in less than 6 weeks. Heerema Skill Games allow players to experience the different challenges of construction at sea: like lifting heavy materials from a ship to a construction platform, creating a network of pipelines underseas and navigating ships over narrow rivers with precious cargo.

During an event that showcased the amazing capabilities of Heerema’s new vessel, the Heerema Skill Games allowed visitors to experience and learn about Heerema’s vast range of activities in a fun and interactive way. Next month these games will be released on the App store for iPad.

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