Heerema Experience Appears at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston

Heerema Experience Appears at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston

Photo Courtesy of the 2016 Offshore Technology Conference

The story about how IC3D Media pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and completed one of our coolest projects to date!

We’ve been working with Heerema Marine Contractors for quite a while and for several different projects. Our latest Heerema project is known as the Heerema Experience. The result was amazing but getting there wasn’t easy…

Get to Know Heerema

Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) is a world leading marine contractor in the International offshore gas and oil industry. We had gotten to know Heerema and their line of work at least a little bit… But our knowledge was really put to the test with the Heerema Experience!

Why the Heerema Experience?

We’re no stranger to creating the wow-factor for conferences and our work creating digitized avatars to give speeches at conferences surely didn’t go unnoticed. With Heerema wanting to attend the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas (which was only 2 months away at the time) we quickly got to work developing an awesome digital solution that would win over the crowd.

What did we come up with? The Heerema Experience: An interactive globe which provides in-depth information about all of Heerema’s offices, vessels, and ongoing projects on one, giant touch-screen. “In-depth information” is a bit of an understatement. This application can give a complete breakdown of all of Heerema’s products, installments, procedures, from many different perspectives. It’s possible to see exactly where everything is installed, how everything was built, and what goes into the entire operation—we’re talking detailed information of equipment and procedures for vessels up to 200 meters and capable of lifting equipment the weight of the Eiffel Tower! There’s quite a bit to explain!

Conference attendees (read: potential customers) would be able to approach the Heerema exhibition area and learn everything about their current activities, and show off what they were capable of.

So, that was the idea. And we had two months to get it all together. No problem.

Developing the Heerema Experience

Developing this project was not an easy task: we ran into quite a few challenges. The initial risk we realized was working with the new hardware—the ultra, high-definition touchscreen. We’re not unfamiliar with the touchscreen, but there’s always a bit of a learning curve when working with the latest technology.

Once we got our hands on the touchscreen technology (when it was delivered several weeks later…) our developers worked their magic and now have one more skillset to add to their repertoire. While the risk was always there, with enough research and testing our development was able to get it up-and-running without incident!

But there were incidents: One of the largest issues our teams faced was meeting that deadline! Heerema Experience really started turning heads over at Heerema, and early into the project we started meeting with other departments who also wanted to showcase their content in the application. Needless to say, with all the interested stakeholders and new content… It was difficult for our team to keep up!

But, a couple weeks of late nights (our office hours extended to 10:00 PM those days!) and with our American development team completely switching their sleep schedule to work with the team in Europe, we are quite proud of the final product!


Pasted image at 2016_07_18 03_56 PM (3)

The Future of the Heerema Experience

The conference came and went, and the Heerema Experience was a huge hit! So, that’s end of the story? Not exactly!

We are now busy at work translating the Heerema Experience to work on tablets for the Heerema sales staff! We’re constantly making improvements to make an easier to use, more germane application to be used by Heerema for years to come.

Despite the hardships, it was a successful collaboration and now we’re on to the next one!

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