G4S launches health and safety training course

G4S launches health and safety training course

The result of our collaboration with G4S, the world’s largest security company, is the course Health and Safety in the workplace for InterACT. Together, we will make the world safer one office at a time!

Our collection of InterACT courses grows larger with its newest addition: Health and Safety! Thanks to the safety expertise of G4S, and our imaginative team of designers, we were able to create a really awesome new course to add to our repertoire of mobile training solutions.

Health and Safety received a very enthusiastic welcome during our 2015 Inspiration Day. It was introduced by our CEO and G4S representative with demos of the course made available for guests to play.

InterACT 360: Enter a New World of Learning

The InterACT player is one of IC3D Media’s solutions to the ineffective, traditional training methods utilized by companies today. InterACT was introduced during our very first Inspiration Day and we continue to improve, and grow our courses to this day!

InterACT is a completely mobile training platform with courses available that range from sales training, to culture training, to emergency response training. The majority of the courses offered by InterACT are tailor-made to fit any organization’s training needs. The platform was designed to effectively and realistically train employees and workers for specific tasks, or to hone their skills.

Taking Office Safety to the Next Level

Health and Safety walks the player through a typical office setting, while the player is to point out everything they see that is unsafe. Some hazards are more obvious, like exposed wires or smoking outlets, but others are not so obvious, and will probably take a few tries to notice!

The benefits of Health and Safety have a lot to do with the advantages of playing it on the InterACT player! Much like many of the other scenarios available, Health and Safety plays like a game, awarding points and real-time feedback whenever the player makes a decision. This method of relaying feedback is much more effective than traditional training courses, because it allows the player to instantly change their behavior or mindset based on the feedback they receive!

With this simulation we, along with G4S, hope to create an active mindset of office safety in employees, not only in the G4S office, but in any office!

What’s Next in InterACT?

We are very happy with the result of our G4S collaboration! Their safety expertise was invaluable in creating a truly effective scenario for office safety. We are always working on growing the InterACT library with all kinds of scenarios for any sector, topic, and industry. We will continue to improve and update the Health and Safety scenario, and we look forward to what the future holds in terms of collaborations!

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