Our training solution for cyber security: CyberCheck!

Our training solution for cyber security: CyberCheck!

Cyber security is one of the most important issues in today’s society. Our infrastructure now relies heavily on digital systems, which have many advantages in atomization, reliability and high levels of security.

However, the threat posed by human error is immense. Research by computing giant IBM shows that 95% of data leaks are caused by human mistakes. This negates the vast sums that have been invested into the cyber security of the financial sector. Especially in the Netherlands, whose banks can boast better digital security than some Governments, with 3 Dutch banks included in the world top 20 safest banks – Global Finance, 2014.

With over 70,000 employees in the top 3 Dutch retail banks alone, there could potentially be a security breach that not even the best technology available could foresee or prevent. It is paramount that all these people are made aware of the risks and implications involved in utilizing the digital domain, to make such crucial institutions resilient to modern cyber threats.

Cybercheck, an ambitious virtual training project

It was with this urgency in mind that G4S, the global security leaders and IC3D Media started collaborating on an ambitious virtual training project, Cybercheck, to utilize game technology to best prepare the financial sector for today’s cyber threats.
IC3D Media’s extensive expertise on developing training applications combined with G4S’s knowhow came together to create the perfect proposal, out of another 70 that were presented to the Dutch government. Now armed with a 2 year SBIR grant the project has enlisted the help of security experts from ABN AMRO and ING as knowledge partners to provide essential insight and support.

Using game technology to visualize cyberspace

Lennart Roosendaal, head of IC3D Media’s Marketing and Special Projects noted: “We realized that if we wanted to make cyber security a priority for all of the employees in the financial sector we needed a more visual and tangible training solution. For Cybercheck we use game technologies to visualize risks in cyberspace. We want to offer a comprehensive training suite that allows Dutch banks to train all of their employees more visually, frequently and effectively.”

How does Cybercheck work?

The Cybercheck training developed by IC3D Media will immerse employees in a realistic working environment in which they will be confronted with challenges. These include anything from phishing emails to social engineering and other approaches designed to extract information. They will be informed on what information can be shared with other departments and even what can be put on social media.
The financial sector has welcomed these developments with open arms; they see this type of human security as the final piece of their armor.

Partnership with G4S

The partnership between IC3D Media and G4S has proven not only to be successful but also hugely important and relevant for today’s financial sector. Cybercheck will, once implemented, be a future proof security tool. A security tool that not only safeguards the financial sector; it presents an opportunity to train (and keep training) people for modern cyber security.

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