British Ministry of Defense hosts CIO and Joint Force Command symposiums with digital avatars

British Ministry of Defense hosts CIO and Joint Force Command symposiums with digital avatars

The British Ministry of Defense is on a mission to take its Information systems and services to the next level. At the CIO Information Symposium on June 29th and 30th, the Chief Information Officer Mike Stone showed his plan for transforming Information capabilities and making them a force multiplier.

To symbolize this major change, the conference was opened by a Virtual Avatar, a digital version of Mike Stone created by IC3D Media. The Avatar showed a compelling vision of a future where the internet of things and information have become the lifeblood of organisations. He explains that this future enables incredible opportunities and also exposing organisations to a host of possible threats. At the end of this vivid introduction, the real Mike Stone proceeded to test the Avatars intelligence by asking him numerous questions. The audience at the CIO symposium was clearly entertained as the digital Mike Stone appeared to be witty, intelligent and humorous, even offering to replace Mike Stone as CIO.

The production of the Avatar Experience

The production of this Avatar Experience required an extra-ordinary effort from IC3D Media. “Using the latest technologies in motion capture and facial animation, we created several million polygon model of the CIO Mike Stone.” Explains Lennart Roosendaal, Head of Marketing at IC3D Media. For the third day of the conference, the Joint Force Command Symposium, IC3D Media also digitized Joint Force Command General Sir Richard Barrons. The MOD chose this digital experience to underline the incredible pace at which new technologies and digitization are changing the nature of defense.

At the end of the conference the Avatar made a compelling concluding statement that was met with a round of applause that rang through the chambers of the Hilton Metropolitan Hotel in London.

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