Albert Heijn Air Miles Game

Albert Heijn Air Miles Game

Last month Albert Heijn faced a real challenge. The best known supermarket of the Netherlands had just introduced their new bonus card and was now looking for ways to revitalize Air Miles. To do this, Albert Heijn was looking for an appealing promotional game.

However, the deadline for the Air Miles promotion was only a few weeks away. Albert Heijn turned to IC3D Media and asked if they could develop this game in record time. In an impressive feat, IC3D Media was able to develop the Albert Heijn Air Miles game in just two weeks. Last week, the Albert Heijn Air Miles game was completed and released on the Albert Heijn website.

About the Air Miles Game

In the Albert Heijn Air Miles Game players control a squirrel on a hangglider, who has to fly along the treacherous path of the kitchen: evading steaming boilers, cupboards and kitchen utensils. By collecting Air Miles coins on the way, the squirrel flies faster for a limited time. The player who reaches the finish with the best time, will win no less than 100.000 Air Miles. The Albert Heijn promotion continues for another two weeks. At the end of the promotion, the winner will be announced.

Development of the game

Today, the Albert Heijn Air Miles game has already been played over 60.000 times. Marc Liem, Concept Developer Loyalty at Albert Heijn, is incredibly excited about the game and the entire development process: “IC3D Media has not only proved that online gaming is soaring, but also that their team is able to develop these games at a rapid pace. It’s very impressive to see that they were able to create the Albert Heijn Air Miles Game within this very short time frame.”
The IC3D Media team spent just two weeks to develop the Air Miles Game. Head of Marketing, Lennart Roosendaal explains: “Our team loves to take on projects that push the envelope, and challenges them to go the extra mile. Fortunately we could also rely on our experience with the Heerema Skill Games, a similar project where IC3D Media developed three games in just six weeks…

The Albert Heijn Air Miles Game is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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